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The Global Government Summit 2022 addresses some of the biggest challenges facing public sector leaders around the world.

The agenda for the 2021 Summit can be viewed here.

Thursday 20 January 2022
10:30 UTC
12:30 CET
18:30 Singapore
06:30 Canada

Welcome Address

Hosted by Mr Leo Yip

Mr Leo Yip, Head of Civil Service (HCS) of the Singapore Government, welcomes participants and provides the context for this year’s Summit.

Thursday 20 January 2022
11:00 UTC
13:00 CET
19:00 Singapore
07:00 Canada

A holistic view of risk – and a smart response

For centuries, nations saw external risks mainly in terms of military threats. The growth of threats such as extreme weather events, international terrorism and cyber attacks broadened that view – leading to new forms of preventive spending in fields including flood defence, decarbonisation, intelligence gathering and infrastructure resilience. Then came COVID-19, demanding in many countries the expenditure of sums hundreds of times greater than the public health budgets allocated to address pandemic risks. As the UK’s Office for Budget Responsibility pointed out in its July Fiscal Risks Report, the incidence of major risk events has doubled over the last 40 years – with the impacts of climate change, the pandemic and high public debts currently presenting particular threats.

This session will consider how countries can take a balanced, cross-government view of external threats in today’s world, assessing the risks in each field and allocating resources appropriately. It will review the capabilities required to understand and respond to those risks – such as data-driven analysis and cross-government financial management systems. And it will explore how to find a balance between working to minimise each risk, and ensuring that governments are prepared when the worst does occur.

Thursday 20 January 2022
12:30 UTC
14:30 CET
20:30 Singapore
08:30 Canada

End of discussions for day one

Friday 21 January 2022
11:00 UTC
13:00 CET
19:00 Singapore
07:00 Canada

The drive towards green government

After several years of paralysis in the global effort to tackle climate change, analysts are optimistic that – with US president Joe Biden committed to firm action and China making sympathetic noises – November’s COP26 summit will produce an international agreement, tasking governments with establishing new reporting frameworks and overseeing a reduction in harmful emissions.

If the organisers realise their goals, civil servants will have to act on three fronts. Departments will need to gather, analyse and present large sets of data, covering both greenhouse gas emissions and, perhaps, the health of environmental assets such as forests and peat bogs. They’ll need to introduce policies to support a shift to economy-wide decarbonisation, affecting policy fields from farming to urban design. And they will – like every other organisation – have to take firm action to reduce their own environmental impacts, rebuilding their infrastructures and reshaping their operations to hit a new set of targets.

At this session, the participants will consider how national civil service leaders can meet their new responsibilities in the wake of COP26.

Friday 21 January 2022
13:00 UTC
15:00 CET
21:00 Singapore
09:00 Canada

Civil service leadership in the post-pandemic world

This is an interesting time in civil service leadership. In many countries, polls suggest, governments’ vast investments in supporting people through the pandemic – and the massive efforts of frontline public servants, both in healthcare and elsewhere – have shored up trust in the public sector. But civil service bodies also face rising expectations from the public, who increasingly expect public services that are convenient and responsive as well as transparent and accountable. Meanwhile, the complex tasks of digital transformation, cross-departmental service delivery, and management during the pandemic demand a new set of skills and attributes.

In this session, the participants will consider the capabilities, behaviours and expertise that civil service leaders need in today’s world, and discuss how organisations can develop their leadership cadres – both the current generation, and those coming after. How should senior managers be recruited, performance managed, promoted and incentivised? What forms of training, support and staff development are required? And how can organisational leaders foster positive culture change, diversity and engagement among their senior staff?

Friday 21 January 2022
14:30 UTC
16:30 CET
22:30 Singapore
10:30 Canada

Summary and Conclusion

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