Global Government Summit

30 & 31 January 2020

The Global Government Summit, organised by Global Government Forum is a unique event that each year brings together the world’s most senior public servants for informal discussions on common and important public sector challenges.

Discussions are held in a round table format, under the Chatham House rule, fostering frank and open dialogue, enabling sharing of practical ideas and solutions for immediate application.


About the event

First held in 2011 in London, the Global Government Summit brings together top leaders from the centre of government – those responsible for leading their national civil services and overseeing strategic development, organisational reform, workforce capabilities and culture change.

Hosted in recent years by the Government of Singapore, the event attracts delegates holding roles including the Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, State Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, Clerk of the Privy Council, Head of the Civil Service, Director General of Civil Service Policy, and Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry. Topics vary from year to year, with delegates selecting subjects such as public sector productivity, digital government, responses to demographic change, and leadership development.

The event was last held in February 2019. Whilst the Global Government Summit is held under Chatham House rule, we produce a report after each event so that delegates can share some of the discussions with their colleagues back home: quotes are gathered in on-the-record interviews held alongside the sessions, with our reports cleared by delegates after the event. For copies of the Summit reports and more information about previous Summits please visit our Previous Summits page.


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30 & 31 January 2020, Singapore